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3 Responses to “Political cartoons”

  1. Dorothy Aspinwall Says:

    I love your work. Years ago, I wanted to be a cartoonist. A political cartoonist. I gave up that notion because I am a female and there were no women cartoonists, I thought. It’s too late now – I’m 84 – but I enjoy seeing the work of up and coming gals in the field. My favorite strip is “For Better or Worse”. I will be searching the New Yorker for your signature. -D

  2. richard worth Says:

    Liza, Wow! I really like the direction your work has taken. The ‘public’ you is so real. I love it. I will be sure all the family here has a chance to see the utube if they haven’t already. Richard

  3. liza Says:

    Thanks, RIchard! What a nice surprise to see you here. How is your mother? I think of her often, and should stop by next time I am down. HOpe you all are well.

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