Politics & Peace

One of the wonderful benefits of having a website is that it connects one with the world. I’ve received many emails from all over – young cartoonists in India and Italy, looking for advice, established cartoonists just saying hello.

I love it. A few years ago, I got an email from someone at the United Nations, inviting me to participate in a panel entitled, “Cartooning For Peace”. What a thrill.

Of course I accepted, and the event was held October 16th 2006. It is part of a program the UN is undertaking over a period of time, called Unlearning Intolerance. Cartoonists from all over the world will be on this panel, and we are to discuss “Should Cartoons Educate?”

While I am one of four representing the United States, I am the only non-political cartoonist. In other words, the other artists are more in the editorial cartoon mode.

While I consider myself a political cartoonist in the broad sense of the word, my work is often more social commentary, in a New Yorker sort of way.

This whole event was conceived of by a French cartoonist from Le Monde, Jean Plantu. He and Holli Semetko, of the Halle Institute, are planning to make this an annual event at different locations. Bravo. I hope I can be involved. We need as much discussion about Peace as we can squeeze into our lives.