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18 Responses to “Cartoons”

  1. Marie Says:

    Good Afternoon Liz,

    I am trying to find the cartoon “Should we wash them, or throw them at each other” at the in order to buy a print and can not find it on that site. Is it available anywhere? I enjoyed watching you on “Sunday Morning.

    Regards, Marie

  2. Amanda Jacobs Says:

    Hi Liza! I love the “I love what you do with your weeds” one especially! Is the/an original available?

  3. liza Says:

    Hi Amanda! Email me….can you? Thanks!!! Liza

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  5. Cynthia Says:

    Actually it’s a question. Many years ago, I saw a cartoon with 2 frames, involving an exchange between a man and a woman about lust and chores. In the first frame, the man is saying to the woman “your eyes are like deep pools, your skin is…” (You get the idea). She is unimpressed. Next frame… He tells her the list of chores he just did and she says “Take me, ravage me…”

    I love it, where can I find it?? Thanks so much,

  6. liza Says:

    I have no idea! Sorry….

  7. Mark Says:

    Love your cartoons!

  8. Declan Says:

    Actually was looking at some of your work on the latest Near-East unrest, when I happend across the ” the dog paid me ” cartoon.Laughed so hard almost required a wardrobe change. Thank you so much. Declan.

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  10. Aniruddha G. Kulkarni Says:

    Laughed my head off seeing your today’s “go to a cave and paint his image”. I would have said the same! Archeologists, take note.

  11. Celia Says:

    Hi there, Just watched your TED talk – funny; thought provoking and I must share with my friends.

  12. liza Says:

    Thank you!

  13. Payal Says:

    Dear Liza


    First of all I would like to say thank you for being such a motivational cartoonist and thinker.

    I am a research student in the University of the South Pacifc, Suva, Fiji and I would like to use one of your cartoons in one of my powerpoint presentations. If you could kindly give me your consent, I would be most happy to use the your cartoon to deliver a message about human health and climate change.

    I look forward for your kind consideration to my request.

    Awaiting your response anxiously.

    With thanks

  14. liza Says:

    Dear Payal,

    Sure, that’s fine! Usually I charge for that kind of usage, but for a student and for a good cause, it’s fine. Good luck! Thank you for your kind words.

    Best, Liza

  15. ROLFE Says:

    What do you use to obtain that beautiful shading/tone?

    Just discovered your work, it’s wonderful stuff. Very inspiring to wannabe cartoonists like myself.


  16. liza Says:

    Thank you! I use a brush and grey watercolor! Good luck!

  17. John Ireland Says:

    You are absolutely wonderful and brilliant. I knew that there were New Yorker cartoons but I did not know that anyone could produce more than one. I hope that your talent leads to just rewards.

  18. liza Says:

    That is so kind of you. Thank you!

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