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There’s a link to buy the books in the larger image pop-up!

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  1. Catherine Beaunez ( Nicenose) Says:

    Valère met you at St Just and gave me your contact. I’m member of Cartooning for Peace and I couldn’t be there this year.
    I know your cartoons and I appreciate very much your esprit et your ” trait dépouillé “. I bought ” Sex and sensibility “, I love especially the existentiels dialogues des scènes in the bed..Typically feminine !
    I admire your choice to show the humour of feminine cartoonists : you are ” en avance sur ” nous, the french ! Well, if you need french cartoonists women, I should be happy to join you. I put only colour cartoons on my site but they exist with grey colours, more dépouillés. I forgot : my prefered theme is the couple…never completly succeded !
    With my best regards, is it the newyork good expression ? Catherine Beaunez

  2. Catherine Beaunez ( Nicenose) Says:

    Sorry, my mail is :

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