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May 23rd, 2014


March 3rd, 2014

1993 Some wineThis is the cartoon that started it all.  I began drawing snarky women, women who are funny and sarcastic,  in The New Yorker in the 1990?s, and while it’s not all that I draw, it is a favorite topic of mine. In fact, I have a whole book of cartoons and commentary on this subject, called Women On Men. You can take a look at it and order it here. Or contact me and I offer a personally signed (with drawing inside)  soft cover hard copy for a discount!



February 8th, 2014

-1I have come to love live tweet drawing, and it seems that others enjoy watching me do it. My latest foray into this world was last night’s Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.   The New Yorker’s website blog, The Sporting Scene, asked if I would tweet draw for them, so as the evening progressed, my editor there posted them on the site. You can see all of them here!  The above drawing was done before the ceremonies began, but during the huge extravaganza, I tweeted Putin, David Remnick, Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer, and many of the athletes in their colorful (and often very odd) outfits.

Follow me on twitter, because I will be doing more Olympics….and then I will be tweet drawing the Academy Awards!

January 30th, 2014

I love radio, particularly news radio.  The interviews, analysis, call-ins about issues in the news, local or national are all great, and what I listen to while I work. My favorite station is the New York City station WNYC, and in particular the afternoon show, The Leonard Lopate Show. I also like the Brian Lehrer Show in the mornings, too. The station loves New Yorker cartoonists, and have had them on the show numerous times over the years. I have done a lot of radio, usually connected to any new books I have. But I have never been invited to be on WNYC….until now. I was very lucky to be asked to be a guest on the Leonard Lopate Show to talk about my book, Women On Men, with guest host Anna Sale. It was great fun– Anna is a skilled interviewer with a devilish streak and great sense of humor.  One New York friend said to me when she heard that I was to be on WNYC, “You’re really famous now!”  Such is a true New York attitude.

Here is the interview:


January 29th, 2014

I realized last night, while drawing the SOTU, that the camera shots of various people in the audience were so quick that it was hard to gather imagery in my mind in order to draw certain people.  The camera was mostly on the three big guys. Also realized:  I barely listened to anything Obama said. Did I miss much?

Next up: the Olympics!


January 24th, 2014


ex husbandy bagFrom my new book, Women On Men.  Take a look here!!!  If you would like a personlized copy (with drawing inside), at a discount, email me at

January 15th, 2014

Below is a selection of cartoons from my new book Women On Men, published by Narrative Magazine

I think women are funny. We know that loud and clear from watching the Golden Globes the other night, when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey killed as hosts.  They were so funny in a perfect way–just enough snark and intelligence. There is not a special kind of funny that women do, they are just funny. Like men are funny. Things are changing for women  in many regards, and sometimes I think the outrageous idea that women aren’t funny is an old topic. But like so many things–it is and it isn’t.  Famous comedians may be breaking the glass ceiling of humor from time to time, as well they should,  but Hollywood is slow to recognize women creators, directors and actors who are funny.  And in the day-to-day lives of ordinary women, humor is not an easy option. There are still misogynists out there who don’t want women to be funny,  so let’s keep talking about it until it’s totally equal!

You can purchase my ebook here, or write me if you would like a paperback hard copy, signed with a drawing inside.

December 28th, 2013

let's reduce the gender gap copy-1I draw a lot of cartoons about what some have called the “battle of the sexes.”  But that’s an old phrase.  I am not sure where it originated so I looked it up and see the phrase is a Peter Sellers movie, a radio contest, an album by Ludacris, and of course it was the famous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. But I would like to suggest we retire this phrase.  Why does it have to be a battle? It doesn’t.  We need communication (in all forms, see above cartoon) and laughter to bring us together.

This is what I try to do in my book. Yes, I make fun of men, but do so lovingly. If we can’t make fun of each other, then it is a battle. So clearly, laughter is the better way to go.

My new book of cartoons is called “Women On Men,” published by Narrative Magazine. It can be purchased here, and here for kindle, and if you email me, I will send you a signed-with-drawing inside copy at a discount!


December 10th, 2013

Women On Men COVER FINALI am excited to announce that my new book of cartoons and writing, Women On Men is available as a ebook (buy here). The book is a collections of over 200 of my cartoons. The theme is primarily about women being funny, women who have snark and who love to tease the men in their lives. I have published many such cartoons in the New Yorker, starting with this one in 191993 Some wine93. The editor at the magazine then was Tina Brown, and while I had been publishing with them since 1982 (when William Shawn was editor), this sort of idea/cartoon/caption was kind of new for me. Ms. Brown eventually bought a lot of my work like this, and subsequent editors have as well. While I do cartoons on a variety of subjects,  I think I found a voice that is very true to me.  Along with the 200+ cartoons, you can read more of my musings (in my handwriting) on women and humor in the book.

If you want to purchase the book for whatever kind of reader you have, even a computer,  here is the link. Write me if you have questions, or if you want a discounted special edition hard copy, signed. It is beautifully published by Narrative Magazine. 001

December 2nd, 2013

LD_Im_culture 3My recent post for Forbes is about Forum D’Avignon, a think tank on culture. I was there, and delivered a short speech as well as drew cartoons of my impressions. I share the text of my speech and more cartoons on the Forbes column, please go take a look!