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December 31st, 2014

Laughter is Universal

What if we all laugh together, can we make the world a better place? Humor can change the world, I think.  Why not?

Here is a talk that I gave a few weeks ago on this idea:

Warm wishes for a good new year for all!

December 30th, 2014

New years eve hat rejects

December 28th, 2014

xmas spirit a xmas spirit b xmas spirit c xmas spirit d xmas spirit e

December 27th, 2014

dumped right after christmas

December 24th, 2014

ferguson 1ferguson 2 ferguson 3 ferguson 4 ferguson 5ferguson 6

November 30th, 2014

Burka women 1a Burka women 2a Burka women 3a Burka women 4a