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Everyday, ideas present themselves. Sometimes I don’t notice them. Sometimes I have to chase them down. The best ones are ones that present themselves, I let them develop but don’t chase them. Chasing often leads to false sounding/seeming ideas. Forced.

Here is a case where I wanted to do a regular old cartoon about whatever, not political, I was open to anything. As you see from the cartoon above, it ended up being about the hurricanes we are experiencing in this country and in the islands. It may not be funny, you may think it’s stupid, doesn’t work, etc. But the process shows how it came about. In this way, I don’t think it’s forced. And it’s about a topic I eventually wanted to draw about anyway at some point: the pain and suffering we are witnessing, and the tremendous empathy we are witnessing in this country.

Here is a video of my process as I did the cartoon on my tablet (I posted this on Instagram and retreaved it a little late so the first piece is gone, sorry) Umbrella video




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