By: liza On: March 26, 2012 In: News Comments: 0

This is a cartoon from a few weeks ago, when the war against women in American politics was hot in the news. It has calmed down a bit, perhaps only because the media has a short attention span. But it’s still out there–some in the GOP want us to return to Mad Men days, when women were not really considered full fledged people.

I love Mad Men and I watched the new premier last night. The reason I like it is the characters, the story lines, the history. I do not want to return to those days (I was just a small child then). Yes, it is better now for women in the US in many respects. But you can see attitudes in Mad Men that persist (or have resurfaced), attitudes we are hearing from a certain faction of the GOP.  I look forward to seeing how the writers write Joan, Peggy and Betty as we move further into the 1960?s. I’m hoping there aren’t too many headbands.

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