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As resident cartoonist for CBS News, I sometimes go into Studio 57 to live draw the guests and crew behind the scenes, working to bring the show live. Today was a particularly fun day for two reasons:  Bill Nye The Science Guy was one of the guests (!) ; and secondly, it was a chance for me to hang out with an old pal. Bill and I were close friends in high school,  and have kept up our friendship since.

I have enjoyed watching Bill’s career take off over the years, it’s just wonderful.   In high school, he was proudly a nerd and a very prominent one at that.  I was not, I was the shy artist of the class.  My locker was just outside the chemistry room, so, guess what?  Bill would pop out of the lab and try to tell me all sorts of facts and theories that he was working on. And it was with the same exact enthusiasm you see when you watch him on his shows.  That’s how our friendship began. 

Bill talked today about how we should all think like scientists and nerds, with the belief that the problem can be solved.   I love that idea and the curiosity that such an attitude brings to the table.  And he talks about changing the world and that everyone in their own way can contribute to that change. Yes! 

Below are some drawings I did today, and a few photos. I love my job. Enjoy!


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