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Every now and then, I wonder what it’s like to be Hillary Clinton. Just the other day, I wondered that again as I read that she peeled off from the Presidental party in Mayanmar and flew off to Jerusalem to meet with world leaders.   The moment I heard Secretary of State Clinton was traveling to the Middle East to try to assist in negotiating a cease fire in the deadly fighting between Gaza and Israel, I humorously said to myself (and to twitter):  Hillary is going to the Mid-East to put those boys in a “time out.”  And I drew this cartoon.

It is certain all four players helped to bring about a cease fire.  Who knows if Hillary was a key player?  If she hadn’t gone to be a part of the negotiations, would there have been a cease fire? We won’t know until one of them writes a book about it.

But I think I will add Hillary to the list of all the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. I hope that yesterday she got to stop helping the world for a moment and have some turkey and stuffing with Chelsea and Bill.

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